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The Face of Csix19

FeLica Spears Conway

Business Owner & Operator

After dieting all of my life and after experiencing a failed weightloss surgery, I decided to try again. This time I decided to put God first! Cor 6:19-20 is the scripture that stuck with me during my weightloss journey and convicted me daily to make the right eating choices. Csix19 was established first to glorify God and then to let others know that weight loss is possible when you do it to uplift his Holy name and follow His rules of Self Control. Avoiding gluttony and having food as an idol (whether you realize it or not) is a sin, for "no true child of God lives in continuous sin." It knocks you out of fellowship with the Lord!
I've had too many people around me pass away that may still be here if healthier living choices were made. So if I can help just one person live longer and healthier, then I'm satisfied. Our bodies can heal almost anything; give it what it needs..... Simple, clean ingredients you can trust.

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